Inside The Vampire Squid Mind

Having studied the history, religion, politics, social structures, behavior, psychology and writings of Vampire Squids, I have concluded they are made and not born.

Back at university I remember discussing with doctors the need Vampire Squids had to induce a neurosis to protect themselves from a psychosis. Michelle Renouf has declared the Squid religion to be psychopathic. The Squid religion is built on lies. God did not make this world for them. Humans are not their servants.

The Squids talk a lot about discrimination and the hatred humans have for them. Let us fast forward to the present day and forget talk about the history of Poland. A few years ago I was in a small mixed group of humans and Squids. I pointed out that the Vampire Squids had done 911. They also killed Presidents Kennedy and Lincoln. One Squid said, “I always knew we had something to do with 911.” Another Squid denounced me as a racist. And both of these men had rather unsuccessfully devoted years of their lives attempting to normalize their Squid minds to become more human like.

Before leaving the University I remember talking to a group of young Squid medical researchers. I told them that their leaders were stealing all of our money and had set us on a path to an inflationary depression. I said their Squid leaders were building up a National Security State to protect them from the American people after they had been foreclosed and impoverished. Their leaders would set off a series of what we would now call false flags which would be correctly interpreted by Americans both as a declaration of war and as an act of treason by the Vampire Squids against America. I said further that their Squid leaders were planning to use war, starvation and scientifically generated plagues to kill billions of people.

Every one of the best and brightest of the young Squids said they would side with their Vampire Squid leaders against the humans. In previous talks I had already convinced my Squid co-workers that there was no Holocaust. I prefer to call this the Holohoax. Over the years I have met a few young Squids who told humans the truth of the Holohoax in an attempt to deflate Vampire Squid power over humans not just in America but around the world.

911 was a watershed moment in modern history both for Vampire Squids and for humans. It is obvious the Vampire Squids did 911. So why are Squids and humans afraid of the truth of 911? It means that the Squids have declared war against humans and will exterminate 6 billion or more human beings as their Foundation supported population studies indicate. The primary reason to kill so many humans is the Squid desire to become 10% of the world population. Squids are sane enough to understand that even germ warfare makes this wild venture of doubtful success.

To realize the truth of 911 for a typical frightened and mind controlled human means that he must do battle against all human governments, the police, the army, the banks, the media and even his neighbors.

The Vampire Squid religion tells them that as soon as they get control of a nation they are permitted to rob humans. The Squids are systematically sacking and looting every nation in the world. There will soon be nothing left for humans to eat.

And that is when the successful worldwide revolt against Vampire Squids will begin.

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