Vampire Squids Exempted From Human Laws

Recently the Chinese proved their raw and primitive nature when it sentenced to death three men who had stolen 1.1 billion dollars from 15,000 investors. They knew their company was bankrupt when they took more than a billion dollars from investors. Compare that to the more sophisticated treatment of Vampire Squids given by Americans.

Citigroup was fined 285 million dollars by the SEC but a federal judge said this was only a fraction of the amount Citi stole. The SEC lawyer said that judges were forbidden to consider public interest and were limited in their ability to rule in favor of humans against Vampire Squids. Human observers in the court concluded that it is perfectly legal for Squids to steal hundreds of billions from humans as they owned all human governments.

In a similar case JP Morgan and Bank of America had fiduciary responsibilities in MF Global when more than a billion dollars went missing from customer accounts. JP Morgan benefited when the trustee took money from segregated customer accounts at MF Global subsidiary feeder brokerages. These were mere human beings who never has accounts at MF Global. SEC chairman Gensler, a former Goldman Sachs VP, knew of the impending bankruptcy of MF Global. Gary Gensler’s old boss at Goldman was Jon Corzine who was CEO at Global when the billion dollars went missing. Zero Hedge even posted an article charging that this was done deliberately to take down mid size bullion speculators to drive down the price of gold and silver.

Gerald Celente had several hundred thousand dollars which was scooped up from a feeder brokerage by the trustee for Global who gave it to Morgan. In response to these developments a mere human had to shut her business down. Ann B had operated a feeder brokerage. She told her clients that Vampire Squids had run amok. They has always owned the government but were now seizing money from customer accounts to cover their market losses. In a related story a mufti-billionaire Squid sold his paper gold and bought gold bullion. And I just learned that the CFTC allows a brokerage to take money from your account deposited for a bullion transaction and swap it for Sovereign Debt (i.e. invest it in Greek bonds.) Does this mean the Squids fear the end is nigh for their Ponzi paper schemes?

Ann B and Gerald Celente clearly understand that Vampire Squids are exempt from human laws as should you.

Vampire Squid News Alert. As you already know, the Squids have sent in two bankers, Lucas Papademos and Mario Monti, to bleed Greek and Italian humans of their life’s blood without elections. The people are in the streets rioting in protest dreaming of a world in which humans had legal and political protection from Vampire Squid attacks.

The Squid bankers are boycotting European Central Bank bonds until fellow Squid Mario Draghi agrees to print more human money. The delay in hyperinflating the euro is due to a dispute between two humans putting on airs thinking they are Squids. They are in reality mere servants to their masters. The French understand their masters as their leader is rumored to be in fact part Vampire Squid. The German Chancellor wants to make the Eurozone work by having Germans run it. Frau Merkel may be laboring under the illusion that the Squids will spare her people because they work harder than the Greeks and the Italians. That is an active delusion.

Lessons Learned: The Vampire Squids are frothing at the mouth demanding hyperinflation because it will transfer all human wealth to them. My best guess is that they want all humans in Europe and America to take a 50% pay cut over the next year to 16 months. Since Squids have an insatiable appetite, they will demand even more sacrifices after they crush human resistance.

My understanding of the situation is that humans have had just about all they can take from these Vampire Squids. I have written this in hopes that humans who work for the Squids will forward this message to their masters. My suggestion is that they all change their names and identities and flee to Patagonia before the real worldwide revolution begins.

This is part 3 in the Vampire Squid series. Previous posts were:

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One thought on “Vampire Squids Exempted From Human Laws

  1. Some are awake, I’m a dreamer but its all obvious when you look at it. Yes madness is among them, superior race story, no soul in all their considerations, pure materialism here and now.

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