The Vampire Squid Anti-Defamation League Part I

The Vampire Squid Anti-Defamation League was formed in 1913 to protect a prominent Vampire from a murder charge. He had been convicted of murdering a human female aged 13. Under Vampire Squid laws  human females must be put to death for having sex with a Squid. Even in cases of rape of a child as young as three years-old. The governor of Georgia commuted the sentence of the Vampire Squid. Humans broke into the prison and hung him because they perceived the murder of a child as an attack on the human race.

That was 88 years ago. Today Vampire Squids routinely feast upon the sacrifice of human children and adults. A case in point is Nancy Schaefer was a former state senator from Georgia where that howling mob of humans had dared to lynch a Vampire many years ago. Now the tables had been turned. This woman had the nerve to oppose abduction, rape and murder of humans. By what right did she challenge the rule of America of, by and for Vampire Squids? She was suicided together with her husband as an example to all humans. You have no rights. Resistance to Vampires is punishable by death. The sole remaining right is the force used to compel humans to obey their Vampire masters.

It is no secret that the Vampire Squids founded the satanic religion so they could continue their ancient practice of child sacrifice. Today 58,000 children in America are abducted by strangers.

Vampire Squids have taken over the government and use human taxpayer money to fund their operations to kidnap, rape and murder children. The Vampire Squids took over the Texas State Youth Commission and sold the sexual services of human children to judges, lawyers, policemen and politicians. The state police director attempted to actually stop the Youth Commission from abusing children but he was fired. And the governor of Texas ran for President as a Christian. The Vampire Squid media never asked the governor about the sale of Texas children to perverts. Nor did one reporter dare to ask the governor where he got all the thousands of dollars in cash he spent in transvestite bars.

In Florida Vampire Squids and their human pedophile servants disappeared 3,000 children. The end result of the  outcry of missing human children in the care of the government was that even more power to the Squids to legally kidnap, rape and murder human children.

Today in America you can order children online. And Child Protective Services (CPS) gives bonuses to CPS workers who grab human children with blonde hair and blue eyes.

The Vampire Squids control organized crime internationally. The Vampires traffick 250,000 humans a year into slavery. They also control human organ trafficking. DynCorp has been caught trafficking women and children  many times and in many countries. Yet the Squids are so in control of the government and the media that DynCorp still runs most Child Protective Services in America.

All of this abuse of human children has been made possible by the Vampire Squid Anti-Defamation League.

I shutter to think think what the Vampire Squids will do when they bankrupt all the nations and own all human governments everywhere.

DynCorp which has been proven to be a trafficker of sex slaves in many countries over a period of many years also has contracts with more states than any other corporation to supply CPS workers. They will eliminate all human rights from the Magna Carta and Common Law to the Bill of Rights. The humans will be reduced to poverty with only Squid lawyers to defend them in Vampire Squid courts.

At some point humans will have nothing left to eat because the Squids have stolen everything. On that day humans will resist and say No More and Never Again to the sacrifice of human children and women to the gods of the Vampire Squids.


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