The Vampire Squid Anti-Defamation League Part II

The Vampire Squid Anti-Defamation League was founded in 1913 which was the  year the humans in America allowed  the Squids to issue their currency for them through the Federal Reserve Act. In Part I we saw that the Anti-Defamation League’s immediate concern at that time was to control human reactions to the ancient Squid practice of raping and even killing human females.

In the 1930s the Vampire Squid ADL had to work overtime controlling human reactions to the death by starvation of millions of humans in America . The Russian demographer Borisov told us that between 3 and 7 million humans died from starvation in the United States during the Great Depression. Many humans opposed giving the monetary system over to the Squids in 1913. But in the 1930s the rage against the Vampire Squid Central banks spread across Europe, the Americas and the rest of the world. Apparently, humans are willing to be denounced as racist if their children have to give up eating so parents can pay taxes to support the Vampire Squid banks, corporate subsidies and wars.  Humans were also burdened with taxes to pay for their own oppression through the Squid National Security apparatus.

Father Charles Coughlin, an early Roosevelt supporter, was deemed to be an anti-Vampire racist because he wanted the Treasury to seize the Federal Reserve. He said the FED had created the Depression. He was denounced as a racist for saying the obvious that the Squids had created the Communist revolution and practiced their ancient religion by sacrificing tens of millions of humans in firing squads and concentration camps and raping and torturing at least half a million human females to death.

In Europe the devastation from the Vampire Squid induced Great Depression was far worse due to the aftermath of the Great War and the ensuing reparations. Adolf  Hitler turned the German economy around within two years. If humans are ever to successfully throw off the chains of debt slavery they will have to learn the following lesson.

Hitler’s Army was financed by the Vampire owned Bank of England with a 350 million pound loan on 1935. Lord Halifax, the British Foreign Minister, was sent to meet Hitler to relay a very deceptive message. Hitler was to defend Europe from Russia. England wanted him to expand and gather all of the Germans from Austria, Czechoslovakia and Poland into one nation and to defend Christianity from the Vampire Squid run Soviet Union which was killing millions of humans every year. England promised Hitler that they would hold diplomatic conferences and pull the rug from underneath Germany’s neighbors. That worked well for Hitler until Poland when the Squid controlled nations of France and England declared war on him.

If Herr Hitler had understood the inherent evil of the Vampire Squid Mind, he would have prepared for a 2 front war to begin in 1939.  Stalin had been preparing for a war against Germany and Europe. He was planning a war which would have started as soon as he had 30,000 tanks and 30,000 artillery pieces. The Vampire Squid Roosevelt administration was so enamored of Stalin whose father was a Squid that he wanted to give the nation of France to Stalin after the war was over. Cardinal Spellman had yo threaten to take every Catholic in America out of the Democratic party to prevent France and most likely all of Europe being given to the Vampire Squid Soviets. No. Francis Spellman was not a crypto-fascist. He was maligned in the Italian press in 1931 for smuggling a papal encyclical condemning Mussolini out of Italy to France where he gave it to the press.

The Chief of the German General Staff Ludwig Beck and Admiral Wilhelm Canaris sent two officers to meet with the English in March of 1939 offering to arrest Hitler to avoid war. The offer to stop the war was refused by the Vampire Squid owned government of Great Britain. Beck and Canaris had been early supporters of Hitler but turned against him because he had no workable plan to win the war.

The Vampire Squids stole the history of human suffering during  the Great Depression and World War II. Millions of humans starved to death so the Squid owned banks could transfer all wealth from us to them. They killed tens of millions of humans in their Soviet Gulags become they like killing us. They engineered us into World War II so they could expand Squid power, steal more money and kill 58 million humans during the war. And after the war, the Vampire Squids killed millions of German civilians and POWs. They also killed millions of humans who survived German concentration camps in Operation Keelhaul.

That need to kill humans is endemic to the nature of Vampire Squids. Their ADL covered this up by creating the myth of the Holohoax according to which 6 million Squids were killed by the Nazis. Anyone who does not believe this fairy tale is branded a racist.

Humans will never seize control of their future until learn this truth:

The Vampire Squid Way is not our human way. Nor should  their thoughts be our thoughts.