Inside The Vampire Squid Mind

Having studied the history, religion, politics, social structures, behavior, psychology and writings of Vampire Squids, I have concluded they are made and not born.

Back at university I remember discussing with doctors the need Vampire Squids had to induce a neurosis to protect themselves from a psychosis. Michelle Renouf has declared the Squid religion to be psychopathic. The Squid religion is built on lies. God did not make this world for them. Humans are not their servants.

The Squids talk a lot about discrimination and the hatred humans have for them. Let us fast forward to the present day and forget talk about the history of Poland. A few years ago I was in a small mixed group of humans and Squids. I pointed out that the Vampire Squids had done 911. They also killed Presidents Kennedy and Lincoln. One Squid said, “I always knew we had something to do with 911.” Another Squid denounced me as a racist. And both of these men had rather unsuccessfully devoted years of their lives attempting to normalize their Squid minds to become more human like.

Before leaving the University I remember talking to a group of young Squid medical researchers. I told them that their leaders were stealing all of our money and had set us on a path to an inflationary depression. I said their Squid leaders were building up a National Security State to protect them from the American people after they had been foreclosed and impoverished. Their leaders would set off a series of what we would now call false flags which would be correctly interpreted by Americans both as a declaration of war and as an act of treason by the Vampire Squids against America. I said further that their Squid leaders were planning to use war, starvation and scientifically generated plagues to kill billions of people.

Every one of the best and brightest of the young Squids said they would side with their Vampire Squid leaders against the humans. In previous talks I had already convinced my Squid co-workers that there was no Holocaust. I prefer to call this the Holohoax. Over the years I have met a few young Squids who told humans the truth of the Holohoax in an attempt to deflate Vampire Squid power over humans not just in America but around the world.

911 was a watershed moment in modern history both for Vampire Squids and for humans. It is obvious the Vampire Squids did 911. So why are Squids and humans afraid of the truth of 911? It means that the Squids have declared war against humans and will exterminate 6 billion or more human beings as their Foundation supported population studies indicate. The primary reason to kill so many humans is the Squid desire to become 10% of the world population. Squids are sane enough to understand that even germ warfare makes this wild venture of doubtful success.

To realize the truth of 911 for a typical frightened and mind controlled human means that he must do battle against all human governments, the police, the army, the banks, the media and even his neighbors.

The Vampire Squid religion tells them that as soon as they get control of a nation they are permitted to rob humans. The Squids are systematically sacking and looting every nation in the world. There will soon be nothing left for humans to eat.

And that is when the successful worldwide revolt against Vampire Squids will begin.

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Vampire Squids Exempted From Human Laws

Recently the Chinese proved their raw and primitive nature when it sentenced to death three men who had stolen 1.1 billion dollars from 15,000 investors. They knew their company was bankrupt when they took more than a billion dollars from investors. Compare that to the more sophisticated treatment of Vampire Squids given by Americans.

Citigroup was fined 285 million dollars by the SEC but a federal judge said this was only a fraction of the amount Citi stole. The SEC lawyer said that judges were forbidden to consider public interest and were limited in their ability to rule in favor of humans against Vampire Squids. Human observers in the court concluded that it is perfectly legal for Squids to steal hundreds of billions from humans as they owned all human governments.

In a similar case JP Morgan and Bank of America had fiduciary responsibilities in MF Global when more than a billion dollars went missing from customer accounts. JP Morgan benefited when the trustee took money from segregated customer accounts at MF Global subsidiary feeder brokerages. These were mere human beings who never has accounts at MF Global. SEC chairman Gensler, a former Goldman Sachs VP, knew of the impending bankruptcy of MF Global. Gary Gensler’s old boss at Goldman was Jon Corzine who was CEO at Global when the billion dollars went missing. Zero Hedge even posted an article charging that this was done deliberately to take down mid size bullion speculators to drive down the price of gold and silver.

Gerald Celente had several hundred thousand dollars which was scooped up from a feeder brokerage by the trustee for Global who gave it to Morgan. In response to these developments a mere human had to shut her business down. Ann B had operated a feeder brokerage. She told her clients that Vampire Squids had run amok. They has always owned the government but were now seizing money from customer accounts to cover their market losses. In a related story a mufti-billionaire Squid sold his paper gold and bought gold bullion. And I just learned that the CFTC allows a brokerage to take money from your account deposited for a bullion transaction and swap it for Sovereign Debt (i.e. invest it in Greek bonds.) Does this mean the Squids fear the end is nigh for their Ponzi paper schemes?

Ann B and Gerald Celente clearly understand that Vampire Squids are exempt from human laws as should you.

Vampire Squid News Alert. As you already know, the Squids have sent in two bankers, Lucas Papademos and Mario Monti, to bleed Greek and Italian humans of their life’s blood without elections. The people are in the streets rioting in protest dreaming of a world in which humans had legal and political protection from Vampire Squid attacks.

The Squid bankers are boycotting European Central Bank bonds until fellow Squid Mario Draghi agrees to print more human money. The delay in hyperinflating the euro is due to a dispute between two humans putting on airs thinking they are Squids. They are in reality mere servants to their masters. The French understand their masters as their leader is rumored to be in fact part Vampire Squid. The German Chancellor wants to make the Eurozone work by having Germans run it. Frau Merkel may be laboring under the illusion that the Squids will spare her people because they work harder than the Greeks and the Italians. That is an active delusion.

Lessons Learned: The Vampire Squids are frothing at the mouth demanding hyperinflation because it will transfer all human wealth to them. My best guess is that they want all humans in Europe and America to take a 50% pay cut over the next year to 16 months. Since Squids have an insatiable appetite, they will demand even more sacrifices after they crush human resistance.

My understanding of the situation is that humans have had just about all they can take from these Vampire Squids. I have written this in hopes that humans who work for the Squids will forward this message to their masters. My suggestion is that they all change their names and identities and flee to Patagonia before the real worldwide revolution begins.

This is part 3 in the Vampire Squid series. Previous posts were:

Vampire Squids Attack Humans, Resistance Deemed Racist, Humans Issue Demands

Vampire Squids Attack Humans Part II

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Vampire Squids Attack Humans Part II

As I have said before, my primary means of predicting the future is to follow the Vampire Squids and their money as they own the governments of England, Europe and the United States.

The Vampire Squid bankers are sending in their sapper teams to demolish the southern European economies. Lucas Papademos, the new Greek PM, is a former deputy to Jean Claude Trichet at the ECB and is a member of the Trilateral Commission. Mario Monti touted as the new Italian PM is not only a member of the Trilateral Commission but also heads the Bilderberg European branch. And Monti is on the Goldman Sachs International Advisory board. The London Telegraph reports Monti has decided to sell 45 billion euros in Italian assets to private parties (i.e. the Vampire Squids.)

Did you notice that these new leaders are to be installed and Austerity cuts are to be enacted before elections are to be permitted? David Cameron might be a fool but he knows better than to allow humans to vote on whether or not to allow a Giant Vampire Squid aka the EU to bleed them dry of their life’s blood.

The bankers are loading the individual nations up with debts to cover the losses of the banks. There is talk of allowing Italy, Spain, Belgium, Portugal, Greece and Ireland to quit the Eurozone but remain in the EU. Then the presumably strong nations of Germany, France, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Finland can continue to exploit the weaker euro nations of Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia, Austria and Malta as well as the 11 other nations in the EU who never took the euro as their currency.

This is a Vampire Squid trap. Do not fall for it.

They will be sacrificing the strong European nations too. Vampire Squids will eventually turn against all humans and not just the weak and defenseless. What they are doing is saving the European banks owned by the Vampire Squids and sacrificing the humans in Europe who will be paying for those Bailouts through higher taxes, pension raids and Austerity cuts. There is already talk of cutting the bond ratings of France and the United States which would give us the honor and privilege of paying higher interest rates on our fictional national debts. These debts are fictions but they do require real human blood and sweat to pay trillions in subsidies to the banks.

Under Vampire Squid banking rules they are allowed to increase the money supply whenever you or your government borrows money. Increasing the money supply lowers the value of your savings, your pension and your paycheck. Yet the banker collects the interest payments. That does not seem fair to humans but is a cornerstone of banking under Vampire Squid rules.

It has long been noted that under Vampire Squid banking rules the first person to get hold of the money when it is created transfers all wealth to himself in a period of rapidly increasing money supply. Of course this is followed by astounding price inflation which ruins the middle and working classes.

Blythe Masters is VP for Global Commodities at J P Morgan. Ben Bernanke created 16.1 trillion dollars from 2008 to 2010 to bail out US and European banks. He will probably have to create at least another 10 trillion dollars or more to bail out the major banks and to buy bad investments. This will allow commodity speculators like Blythe Masters to buy all the food, oil, gold, silver and metals so she can sell it back to you at twice the price next year.

My regular readers know that I am predicting a really big inflation next year. The current US inflation rate is 13% according to Shadow Stats. The current annualized US growth rate of M2 Money Supply is 29%. I have predicted that the bankers will call an international conference soon after the US 2012 elections. At this conference the dollar and the pound will be devalued. Between now and then the value of the dollar will be cut in half meaning wages will be permanently cut 50%.

Years ago while studying in Boston I predicted America would have a black President. Why? Because as I said in a satirical piece that David Rockefeller told Henry Kissinger that he had modeled his American economic blueprint after the Weimar Republic of 1923. Seriously, the coming hyperinflation will transfer all wealth from humans to Vampire Squids. Obama’s sole job as President is to get a really big nationwide race riot going with blacks, whites and Hispanics killing each other as soon as half the country has nothing to eat. The purpose of these riots will be to prevent the humans from joining forces to attack and to forever defeat Vampire Squids.

My other long standing prediction is that poor people will serve no purpose at all in the Vampire Squid plans for the future. The poor are here to vote against the middle class, to destroy nations all over the world with food riots and to push the rest of us into a One World government of, by and for the Vampire Squids.

As I said, the Vampire Squids will systematically kill every poor person who either has not or will not pay their fair share of the banker Bailouts. The Squids will not need the poorest of the humans after elections and democracy are permanently cancelled.

I think the humans will win this war as soon as they wake up to the true nature of Vampire Squids.

Note: This is Part II of a series. Part I is here:
Vampire Squids Attack Humans, Resistance Deemed Racist, Humans Issue Demands

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Vampire Squids Attack Humans, Resistance Deemed Racist, Humans Issue Demands

The German Bundestag voted 503 to 89 to destroy their currency and their nation by approving a leveraged Bailout of the banks which in Europe like America are owned by Vampire Squids. This law change will allow the banks to suck the life’s blood from everyone through hyperinflation. America long ago legalized funny money. This has allowed Ben Bernanke to create 16.1 trillion dollars out of nothing from 2008 to 2010. Bernanke has not told us but I assume Ben has been cranking out trillions more dollars over the past year. Now Europe can do what Bernanke has been doing which is to hyperinflate our savings, pensions and paychecks away to zero in order to give everything to the banks.

You Must Have Less So Vampire Squids Can Have More

The term Vampire Squid was originated by Tyler Durden over at Zero Hedge. He is Jewish so his criticism of Goldman Sachs cannot be termed racist. The Left in the German parliament voted for the enslavement of Europeans through hyperinflation because to vote against the Vampire Squids was considered racist. Excuse me. How can resistance to the evils of Fractional Reserve Banking and hyperinflarion be considered racism?

America is way ahead of Europe in terms of submitting to the rule of the Vampire Squids. The Americans passed the Patriot Act 10 years ago yesterday. America has already created NORTHCOM which will do to America what Africom is doing to the Africans which is killing them. The Americans proved they were not racist by passing the Military Commissions Act of 2006 to allow the US Army to become a military police to shoot their own citizens.

The Germans are not allowed to participate in the European Thug And Bill Collecting Force known as The European Gendarmerie Force (EUROGENDFOR or EGF) which was created in 2006. The EGF’s job is to go into deadbeat nations, take over their government and collect taxes which are to be sent directly to the Vampire Squid banks.

Look at that EGF and compare it to America’s DHS and NORTHCOM. The EGF has 900 members and can call up 2,300 additional troops. You have to be kidding Mr Sarkozy.
America has several well armed divisions of soldiers with lots of real combat experience in the 12 nations where the American military is currently killing unarmed people. They also have DHS which has 876,000 employees and contractors who have the right to put their hands inside your pants and squeeze your genitals. A third of all DHS employees and contractors have criminal backgrounds prior to being hired. Presumably, the rest will get a chance to commit egregious felonies protecting bankers and other pond scum just as soon as the dollar collapses.

The American media has not covered it but the hospitals in Greece are near collapse. Nurses have trouble buying food for themselves and their families. How long do you think those 3,200 Gendarmerie Bill Collectors will last when they try to take over the government ministries in Athens? Those ministries are already on strike so I suppose the EU will have to send in civil servants with a knowledge of Greek. I studied classical Greek but forgot most of it. And I would refuse under any circumstances to work as a Bill Collector for the Vampire Squids.

I have been hearing rumors of a Greek military coup for over a year. They are reticent to act because the last coup was not well received by history. But the sight of the EGF Thugs might incite the Greek military to action.

I have written several times about an American military coup. Also I have been repeating of late the statement that the DHS might have a lot of thugs but Americans own more than 300 million guns and 10 billion bullets. I do not think the DHS Thug Force will ever successfully squeeze much more money out of Americans. We have no money left to give to the banks.

The Europeans have a few weeks at most to conclude this refinancing fiasco. The banks refuse to take a loss. They want the taxpayers to bail them out. The Italian parliament has broken out in fist fights with one member strangling another. Even funnier was the rumor that the Chinese would rescue the euro sending the US stock market higher. The rumor was denied again. This is the same rumor I heard a month ago and was discounted as soon as the sun rose in China and government officials had a chance to see the latest news from Europe.

Mario Draghi, the incoming President of the European Central Bank, is an Italian who proved he is not a racist by working for Goldman Sachs as a VP. Goldman was the first bank to be identified as a front for the Vampire Squids in their push for World Domination. Draghi replaced Jean Claude Trichet who proved he was not a racist by being born Jewish. His name Trichet in French means cheater which is an appropriate name for a banker. Draghi only got his job because Axel Weber of the Bundesbank refused it. Axel knew the whole operation was doomed to failure and wanted nothing to do with it.

The latest word from Europe is that the Austerity plans from Greece and Italy were insufficient. Perhaps someone could forward my article Austerity Cuts Were Never Even Intended To Work (see below) to the EU and to PM David Cameron.

None of these Bailout plans will work. The European Thug Force is a joke. America could spare 100,000 combat veterans and the CIA has lots of drones the EU can use to kill demonstrators. But that would be counter productive. The Greeks might think we were invading their country which we would be. They would fight back.

When Obamacare was passed, we were told that anyone who opposed it was a racist especially if he said there were death panels in the bill. There were death panels. Now we learn that in the Netherlands the death panels consider poverty as a criterion for killing patients. So even opposition to killing poor people is now deemed racist.

We are up against the wall. We cannot give the Vampire Squids any more money. We would have nothing left to feed our families, to buy them clothes, to pay our utility bills and to make our other payments.

It is love for our families and not an act of racism that compels us Humans to give the Vampire Squids the following ultimatum:

At least 3 million Americans died from starvation in the Great Depression to prove they were not racists. That was sufficient proof for all time that Americans do not hate Vampire Squids. Millions of Americans will not starve to death this time. This is a non-negotiable demand.

The Vampire Squids must return the tens of trillions of dollars they have stolen from us so we can restore our pensions and savings.

The Vampire Squids must surrender their power to lie to us. We no longer believe your lies. We demand you no longer have the right to lie to us over the public air waves. (See second article below.)

We demand the Vampire Squids stop killing our young people in genocidal wars for foreign powers. I will not mention Israel lest anyone confuse speaking the truth with anti-Semitism.

The Vampire Squids will cease and desist from all fractional reserve banking in which Humans pay interest to them on money they created out of nothing.

The Vampire Squids will either conform to these minimum rules of civilized behavior or they will leave.

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